Tuesday, February 9, 2010

She's Not Ours

The following is a 259 word entry that I wrote for Mary DeMuth's recent book release.  Check it out.  Mary is a great writer who has inspired me to write about my raw pain while relishing in the redemption that Jesus purchased for me.

No thinner place exists than the intersection where light meets dark, good meets evil, life meets death. The cross of Christ anchors that place. Jesus is the hero there. It is in that very place that I experienced True Freedom - released from the bondage of lies and shame.
From my earliest memory as a little girl, I struggled for answers. A taunting voice would sneer:

“Who are you?”

Paralyzed by confusion, I could not say. Did I truly belong to the loving, heavenly Father that my heart longed for or was I a defiled daughter of darkness lurking about in the dank prison of secrecy?

Years piled up and so did my shame. As my carefully constructed fa├žade of confidence and competence crumbled, I begged for help. My husband and my pastor battled by my side. Equipped with the same power that rose Jesus from the dead, we entered the sacred ground of my hurting heart – with the intention of proclaiming Christ as rightful King.

Praying for Truth to prevail, I heard the same taunting voice relinquish it’s foothold of darkness and lies from my soul.

“She’s not ours!” It cried in defeat.

Glorious Freedom! Sweet Peace washed over my soul. With fresh eyes to see, I was both broken and restored as I saw my Savior and my sin anew. Be it assault from my enemy or rebellion of my flesh, belief in Christ’s power to redeem must be my heart’s response.

The thinnest of places is the window where darkness meets Light and is forever changed.