Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reason for Absence: Mars Hill Blogging and Jr. High Boys

For the faithful few that pop in here occasionally to see if I've written, thank you.  I have been crazy busy this fall with homeschooling as my 2 boys are now both junior high age and well, you know.  Jr. High boys have a certain charm about them that is hard to pull yourself away from - that and they require much devoted time and attention to nurture their stumble and fumble into manhood.  I love my boys and will say that I get many an opportunity to apply the gospel to their hearts and mine as we are laid bare time before the cross, reminded of our need for Jesus in the midst of algebra, research for writing and science experiments.  Prayers are appreciated. 

I've also included a link to some writing I have done for mt church's blog:  Mars Hill.  Some of it is tweaked or repeated from here - some new.  Thanks for checking in.  I have many posts brewing in my head so Pray I put butt to chair and fingers to keyboard as the Holy Spirit prompts and swquirrely young men allow.