Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Wanna Be More Like Mary Bailey

Proverbs 31:10  An excellent wife who can find?  She is far more precious than jewels.

We just finished our annual tradition of watching It's A Wonderful Life and I am reminded again at what an inspiration Mary Bailey is to me.  She is such a beautiful woman inside and out - a wonderful combination of grace and strength.  When I grow up, I want to be just like her!

Here is a quick list of the qualities I see in Mary that make her a wife worth emulating:

1.  She has a genuine, beautiful smile and she is not afraid to flash it!  At George, at her children, at the people of Bedford Falls, in joyous times and in struggle.  Her countenance is cheerful and pleasant.  She is truly lovely because her smile radiates from within.

2.  She is so dang creative and resourceful!  She is a dreamer and makes beauty out of the ordinary.  From the sweet sketch of George lassoing the moon to the home she creates out of the old dumpy mansion, Mary shows us what creative ideas and good old-fashioned elbow grease can accomplish.

3.  She makes the best of hard situations.  When faced with the thought of losing George, when the Building and Loan is going to close, when her honeymoon is cancelled - Mary finds a way to be a good helper to George at great personal cost.

4.  She tells her children to pray for her husband.  What a brilliant woman.  When her husband is down and out, harsh with the family because he feels like a failure - Mary doesn't berate him but calls the family to pray.

5.  Then, she calls for help.  In the proper order, she first asks for God's help and then she asks for the help of friends and family.  Mary goes out looking for George in his state of despair and mobilizes the whole town to give back to George the love and support he has given over the years (albeit begrudgingly at times!)  Mary helps her husband when he can't help himself.

6.  She suggests celebrating all the events of the evening with wine!  What a fun lady!

George Bailey is INDEED the richest man in town, living a Wonderful Life.  In large part, due to the love and support of an excellent wife.  Not a perfect woman but certainly an inspiring example.  May I be a little more like Mary Bailey each year!


  1. Can you believe I've NEVER seen this movie?! Your post makes me think I should!

  2. I've seen this movie a bazillion times, but not really since I've been a Christian! Your post gives me a totally new perspective on the character of Mary. And I can't believe I never caught that she wanted to celebrate with wine!

  3. Wow. Since Mike and I just watched this film last night it is SO cool to see some of the thoughts I was already forming about Mary Bailey be solidified in your blog!
    The way you highlighted each beautiful point about Mary's character is so inspiring and very challenging! This is so helpful as I'm learning by doing now rather than by preparing in anticipation. Mary's example of going to God first is the best part! I so often forget that I can imitate her faith ONLY through Jesus and His love, not my poor attempts of merely "being a good wife." Thank you for sharing this Jen! You are definitely a mentor whom I hope to continually learn from.