Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jesus is Praying for Us

I got up this morning to spend some time in the Word and in prayer. It was not a dutiful, reluctant throwing off of the warm blankets to roll out of bed and meet Jesus. Something of a peaceful drive has settled in my soul when it comes to prayer and Bible reading as of late. I can be a get-er-done gal and I have spent far too many years in that place when it comes to the spiritual disciples. They have felt like an obligation and there has not been much life or joy in the doing. Without being able to pinpoint the date, God has graciously placed in me a deep understanding that I cannot live without constant submission to Him through prayer and Bible time. Being submitted makes the doing a joy.

Constant? you may think, questioning my accuracy as to the frequency. Yes, constantly - I exaggerate not.

It isn't as though I am never to be found without a bible open or a prayer being uttered. But, as a result of time spent in both, I am ever aware of His greatness and my smallness. He continually reminds me of my dependance upon Him when I begin my day placing myself under His loving authority and grace. Prayer has become constant companionship.

I was reminded this morning from John 17 that once again, Jesus has me covered. Even if I hadn't answered the screech of the alarm to begin my day in prayer, Christ is praying for me.

Here are the 6 requests that Christ asks of the Father for believers right before His death:

1.  He prays that we would be One with the Father
2.  He prays to have His joy fulfilled in us
3.  He prays that we would be kept from the evil one
4.  He prays that we would be sanctified in the Truth of His Word
5.  He prays that we would be with Him to see His glory
6.  He prays that God's love would be in us

Amazing! Just when I thought I was doing good to up the ante on my quiet time, God again says to me - I love you dear girl. I am pleased with you because of my Son and His prayer that has come to pass in your life. I love you this bright, early morning as you come to me in prayer and I love you on the mornings when sleep overtakes your tired little body. Come to me always with your hearts desires and doubts. But, most importantly, trust that Jesus is praying for you - even when you don't.


  1. Thanks for this. What a sweet reminder of Jesus' tender love. This is one of my favorite passages of Scripture. One other major thing He prays for us is that believers would be one. I love that because of Jesus we get to participate in the glorious oneness between Father and Son.

  2. Beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes!

  3. Bina - you are right - thanks for the add of unity with the Father. I have been marvelling at the dependance that Jesus had on the Father in His life on earth. Appreciate your thoughts!

    Thanks Melissa! Good to see you a couple weeks ago!

  4. Yes, unity with Christ and with the Father and unity with each other because of it. What a precious blessing. Love to you.

  5. thank you for posting this jen! i hadn't ever thought of jesus currently praying for me before - love this greater glimpse into our savior's heart for us!