Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's in your Cup Today?

I have found myself swamped with life lately and have not been making time to blog.  The sweet part of it is that I have been making more time for my Bible and truly loving it.  God is deeply moving me as I see the dependance of Jesus in His earthly life upon the Father and I have to ask myself,


Days can go by before I humbly and purposely stop myself to see what God wants from me or my day.  Jesus - yeah, that guy, the DIVINE ONE - never allowed Himself to be defined outside the Father and yet, I go off half-cocked with my plans, ideas, joys and fears thinking I'm somehow in charge of it all.

So, in an effort to stay connected to the Father and His Word and challenge myself to think deeply of Him (and also post here more than once a month!), I am going to turn my bible reading into a simple question that I ponder throughout my day.  Please join me in this exercise - answering my question or better yet, coming up with one of your own from your reading and share in comments.

Todays question comes from John - which is where I have been reading lately and have been overwhelmed and thrilled to see the complete and utter submission and dependance of Jesus to His Father's will.
Chapter 18, verse 11 - right after Jesus has been betrayed by Judas and handed over to the Pharisees - He asks Peter,   "Shall I not drink from the cup that the Father has given me?"

I ask myself:  Am I willing to drink the cup that the Father has given me today?

Granted, it is not filled with bloody beatings that end in crucifixion as Jesus' was - praise Him for that!  But, today, my cup is filled with algebra help, countless listenings to piano practice, preparing 3 square meals and tackling mountains of laundry.  It is filled with caring for 7 children (love my nieces and nephews!) while participating in a household Wii fast - am I crazy?

Or - am I humbly willing to let Jesus empower me to depend upon the Father to drink the cup placed before me on this day? 

What's in your cup?

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  1. Coffee! :) We have been reading Revelation and I have to say that the cup of wrath is not one that I want to experience. It's making me look for God's peace to fill my cup. The details of life that seem to overwhelm me will be taken care of. I do not need to worry, just obey.

    Good question! Can't wait to see more of them.