Monday, January 26, 2009

Definition to my Life

As I contemplated what to call this second foray into blogging, I thought back to the first title I chose (yeah, the arrogant one I mentioned in my last post...) and immediately knew it had to go. In the past year, God has painfully been shrinking the size of my life to a much more reasonable and smallish size compared to what I believed it to be in the past. I realize it is a common condition known to all mankind to operate as the center of your universe but I did it very happily and strategically blindled for many years. Happily because I duped myself into believing that the temporal power and enjoyment I received from running my own kingdom were enough for me. Blindled because I felt helpless to do anything about it ("oh that poor, blind girl - she can't help it she was born without eyesight") but STRATEGICALLY because it did have volition involved. Making my world very big made me feel loved - demanding from those around me to be seen and heard.

Enter REDEMPTION: God exposing my heart with all of its filth and loving me enough to show me the error of my ways. As I was reading in Luke 24 recently, I came upon my favorite definition of redemption as defined by the bible itself.

verse 31 ...their eyes were opened and they recognized Him...
I now have a new title for my blog, really, my life. As my eyes are opened to the Truth of who God really is, I am put in my proper place. I no longer care that I am seen or heard - I want Jesus to be seen and heard through me. It is no longer ok for me to spout out my passing thoughts and opinions about the world according to me - what does Jesus have to say about it? My life, my pain, my tears - they are not for nothing and they are not EVERYTHING - they are given to me so I can RECOGNIZE Jesus in the midst of them.

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