Monday, January 26, 2009

The Journey Begins....(again)

I once again enter the world of blogging - the "once again" phrase ratting me out as to the deep struggle of my heart. I am not an endurer - I am a flash in the pan. I love nothing more than doing something once, being hailed as excellent, wise or brave and then never having to go back to that thing again. This tendency shows up in my relationship with God, my husband, my kids, friends, housework, hobbies and thus, BLOGGING. I started a blog over a year ago. I entitled it, "The World According to Jen" - feeling sure that people cared what I had to say about life and my place in it. I posted twice and then I was over it - the pan flashed and I was done.

I am also a "Corner Cutter". My husband dubbed this not-so-noble title for me as he has witnessed over time my tendency (read: sin) of trying to get the desired result with the least possible effort. I want to be thin but I believe I should lose the extra poundage after one day of eating like a rabbit. That 3 day treadmill/lifting weights frenzy should result in a toned body permanently. Teaching my children should involve only having to tell them ONCE and intimacy with Phil can be built in a night - can't it? That day last month when I cracked open my bible -won't those spiritual fumes keep me sputtering for at least another day?

And so, I feel like a junior high girl recommitting her life back to Jesus for the dozenth time. I will faithfully commit some time and heart energy each week to documenting this journey of my life - RECOGNIZING Jesus in each and every moment because He is there. He is Faithful. He is the beginning and the end - no flash in the pan.

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